Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family time

I spent yesterday walking. And standing. And more standing. And more walking. My brother and his family came in from out of town to go to a farm show. So, even though I'm not a farmer, I went in order to spend time with them and especially my six-year old niece. We had a blast. We even went to a local mall which has the same carousel that we all used to ride as kids (from Roseland Park, in Canandaigua). More still photos can be found here. So it was a lot of "firsts" for my niece. I think she enjoyed the carousel, but the big hit of the day seemed to be the escalator. We went up and back down about six times, maybe more; I honestly lost count of how many times. We provided amusement to many people sitting and resting by the escalators. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got back home. I ate dinner, nearly falling asleep at the table. I went to bed right after dinner and slept ten hours! Parents, you have my ultimate respect! It is work having to keep up with a six-year old. I think I'm well-prepared for my half ironman, after yesterday!!