Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life Happens

Wonder of wonders, I've returned to this blog. I hadn't forgotten about it, but it seemed life just hadn't been too terribly interesting to anybody but myself. I started a new job a year ago that has been taking up a tremendous amount of time and energy, leaving very little time for extraneous activities. Even my cycling suffered greatly. But now I'm settling into the new job, leaving me time to get back into the things I love and I'm sure my motivation will spike once again. I still have no plans for a triathlon this year, and I likely will not even do any road races. I'm looking at building base through the summer so that I can peak for cyclocross season. (Read - "peak" for me is definitely "b-o-p" in CX, but who cares, right? At least I'm out there!)

Here's a scene from last summer shot from the bicycle. Hopefully more to come from this year. I do love our rolling farmland around here!!

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