Monday, January 19, 2009


Remember a couple of posts ago when I was talking about increasing my training mileage which left little time for the internet? Hah! I haven't even been keeping track of my computer time the past three days, because I found a new diversion. Facebook. I have been re-connecting with friends whom I had totally lost contact with. I know once the initial catching-up has been done, then I will spend less time on the site, but I must admit I've been obsessed the past couple of days. Initially I was concerned about privacy issues, but you can restrict access to your page to only people you identify as friends. Your name will be displayed on a search, and people can view your friends list, but that's all, unless you choose otherwise. Pretty sweet!

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morningDove said...

One of my groups has been having a discussion about Facebook. One of the computer gurus on said this, "Facebook allows your photos to be showcased away from your profile? Hence the reason I do not have any photos there. And 2) Each time you click on one of those little items like a snowball or ornament you are giving your personal info and that of your ‘friends’ info over to whoever is running that mini program? It is the very reason I don’t accept those items"
But glad you are having so much fun catching up w/ friends.